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Facilitatory Lessening

Holiday planning

Last summer we decided at the last moment not to take the boat for our summer holidays as the weather was awful and it didn't look like it would get any better in the period my husband would be off. So we placed ourselves behind our computers and surfed to look for sunny remote destinations. Many ideas crossed our ways, but some were to far to drive, too expensive to fly to, etcetera. Eventually we found a nice destination in the southern part of Germany and the weatherforecast for that area was really good. The hotel reservation system did ...

Hotell med spa

Jag har kollat lite grann efter ett spa hotell. Jag har nämligen bestämt mig för att jag ska åka iväg en sväng och bara ta det lugnt ett tag. Så jag vill hitta ett riktigt bra hotell först som jag verkligen trivs med. Det måste vara spa med också! Men det är bara att kolla upp det på internet och se om det finns något i närheten. Jag tycker verkligen att spa är otroligt härligt. Och sen är det så skönt att bara kunna gå till sitt hotellrum och koppla av ännu mer efter behandlingen. 

Fact before fiction

Uno read all night. He read the book about the mystery in Miami. It wasn't as good as he had expected. Now he's asleep and he dreams of a big man, short of breath, who pursues a woman on the beach in Miami. The woman looks like his manager. Tomorrow he will read a story about someone who embezzles millions from his employer and seems to get away with it. He has no expectations about this book. If he doesn't like it he will skip it and take one of the other two, or an Alan Greenspan book again perhaps. ...